With power tools a task can be completed in a tenth of the time it would have taken with a hand tool and that should warm the cockles of any DIYer’s heart. How does a power tool differ from a hand tool? Well for starters it operates using some form of a motor. The motor can be powered in a number of ways, i.e. batteries, electricity, compressed air – or even the burning of fuels or propellants.  Power tools are classified as being stationary – they sit in place and cannot be taken anywhere such as a table saw, a lathe or a bench saw or they can be portable – that is one can be carried around as needed. Examples of portable power tools include drills, angle grinders, and electric sanders, nail guns, and paint sprayers.

Here is a list of some of the most common power tools you will find:

Drills, Drill presses, Circular saws, Bandsaws, Chainsaws, Concrete saws, Tile saws, Belt sanders,

Disc sanders, Floor sanders, Electric screwdrivers, Nail guns, Paint sprayers, String trimmers (whipper snippers), Blowtorches, Angle grinders, Impact wrenches, Jigsaws, Routers, Lathes, Power wrenches, random orbital sanders, Table saws, Planers,


Power Tools and Safety

While power tools are marvellously convenient and make just about any job around the home easier and faster to complete, it is important to use them safely because power tools can be quite dangerous.  Firstly, you should wear hearing protection as many tools operate over the safe decibel limit and can cause hearing loss.  It’s also important to use eye protection and work with gloves on.  Don’t rush and follow safe operating procedures such as ensuring that the “danger end” of the tool is facing away from your body.  Turn off the power tool whenever it is not in immediate use.

Buying Power Tools

When buying power tools – don’t necessarily go for the cheapest.  If your power tools are going to be used frequently, it is better to go for those which are sturdily built, safer and easier to use.  Cordless power tools maybe better to work within space limitations but corded power tools are often more powerful, and you don’t have to worry about the batteries running out.


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–Making Magical Bathrooms

Have A Little Fun By Transforming Your Bathroom Into a Thrilling Refuge
If you are big into making a difference to the environment, there are so many products that are available that make use of re-cycling. Make an effort not only to recycle this year, but to make use of products that are eco-friendly.
If you are thinking of different and unique ways of transforming your bathroom and home, look at a product that is called Valchromat. Valchromat is a wood fiber board that has been made to look different  and exciting by being coloured both inside and out. This is a water resistant, eco-friendly product which has been cleverly sourced from the waste of forests and left-over wood from mills and also re-cycled pine.
This is a predominantly resilient product; during the production procedure special resins are utilised which fuse the fibers together, making this a particularly resistant product.
Valchromat is used for walls, seating, tables, ceilings, counters and for many other uses. This product is particularly good for areas with high moisture as it is water resistant, hence being excellent for use in kitchens and bathrooms.
Valchromat has been classified as having very low formaldehyde and is safe to use in toys.
This is a fabulous and funky product that can be applied easily to a bathroom for that excellent, stunning and different new look; why not have a peek at the exciting range to find out how you can transform your bathroom into a delightful and thrilling refuge.

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It is Really Easy To Put The Wow Factor Back Into A Dull and Boring Bathroom
You might think that it is easier said than done to transform a dull and boring bathroom; but it is!
Whether your home is a traditional home or one that is ultra-modern, the MirroFlex products available will be able to make a sensational impact on your décor, easily transforming any room and adding character and charm.
MirroFlex is a three-dimensional thermoplastic product that comes in panels that are decorated in incredible and interesting designs. The product is malleable and is easily rolled up for transportation but rigid and strong when laminated for use. Flat sheets are available either in roll form or sheet form, are available in a variety of 3D designs, and manufactured in an assortment of sizes.
This product is best applied to wall panels, used as tiles or for ceilings, backsplashes and furniture, only to mention a few of the many uses for interior applications.
MirroFlex comes in a broad spectrum of colours that will suit any bathroom décor; one need not break the bank to give a tired room a whole new look. A dash of colour, a bit of imagination, and the incorporation of a funky new product could make a world of difference.

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Unique Bathroom Finishes


Your Bathroom Can Look Spectacular Utilising A New Product


If you are thinking of redesigning your bathroom space, the latest trends in design lean towards products that are environmentally friendly, therefore there is even more reason to make use of a stunning new product that has a hand-carved stone appearance from Interlam.


Natural products and natural fibers, that are combined with technology and that make use of renewable materials and recycled resources, is hugely popular and a sought-after product that is available all over the world, and is making inroads into the SA market and creative world of design.


There is a real trend towards using recycled materials as well as reusing resources; this modern trend is rapidly gaining popularity.


Design just got better and more exciting, show-casing the superb hand-carved stone collection which is based on the elements of nature which include fire, earth, water and air.


The incorporation of this natural stone look can create a dramatic backdrop to practically any surface, making you feel as if you are one with nature.


With a markedly handmade finish, this three dimensional appearance will alter the ordinary into the amazing. High humidity will not affect the quality of this hand carved stone collection.


The natural stone look could design a stunning feature in any bathroom; you can fashion a spa-like ambience in the bathroom of your dreams, creating a perfect refuge from the hustle and bustle of your usual every-day routine. All you need to add are a couple of fluffy towels and aromatic oils, and the look will be complete.



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Bathroom Ideas

It is really easy to weave a little magic and breathe new life in a tired room. Use textures and paint for a fresh new look.
Colour inspirations will guide you, and streamlining your storage will  make a world of difference.
Sleek chrome wall shelves are neat and fuss-free and will help in keeping all your toiletries and bathroom accessories tidy and out of harm’s way.
Make the most of the space you already have; if your suite is too tired and you are unable to renew it you will be surprised at how inexpensive some are, but the secret is to shop around to find out what they are going for and many tiling and bathroom outlets have sales and special offers that will give you good value for your rand.
It is not essential to spend a fortune if you are looking to revamp an old bathroom. Buying a whole new suite for your bathroom is often extremely costly, but there are definite ways and means to give that tired room a lift with a couple of inexpensive ideas.
Buy fluffy new towels, or a sparkling mirror to lift the look, or investing in new window treatments, mirror tiles for the walls and a lick of paint can do wonders.
Accessories bought from flea markets for an antique ambience, soft candle light and lovely new light fittings make a huge difference.
If your tiles were bought in the seventies, then specialty paints will give your tiles and bath a spanking new surface.
With a little bit of imagination and a small budget it is surprising how different your bathroom can look, and this can be done for little outlay.
For that tired looking bathroom there is much that can be done; bathroom DIY ideas are simple, all you need is a little bit of time and a lot of imagination.

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Users Vote with their feet: Daily Deal Aggregators are the new “in” for South-Africans.

What’s it all about? Almost like the revolution in Egypt, Yemen or Libya, a change is coming about in the world of coupons. In the beginning there was the “mighty Groupon”, then came hundreds of its followers worldwide and now, a new era begins – the era of the coupon aggregators. Only question remains is: what comes next?

Up till now: Social Buying websites, also known as Group Buying, Coupon Buying or Daily Deal websites have existed for approximately two years, give or take, the most familiar of them being the “Groupon”. Groupon, which originated in the U.S., has since managed to go public and raise millions of dollars (most of them spent or “taken” to the founder’s pockets). The basic method behind these websites is: High quantity sales in return for steep price reductions. By promising increased sales, merchants lower their products prices, thus making the product more appealing to online buyers. The websites then profit from each product sold on their website. Their percent is taken from the merchant.
It has been said that there are currently 500 daily deal websites worldwide. Others say the number is much higher. There are currently 250 coupon websites in the US, 110 in Canada, 23 in China, 30 in South-Africa and many more in Europe and the rest of the world.

To where from here? Many reviews have been written about the sustainability of these websites, most of them claiming that the method itself is flawed and therefore the expected life time of such websites is limited. Others argue that the difficult financial times ahead, in the years 2011-2012, will only increase online consumers reliability on these website’s thus prolonging there “shelf life”. All agree that this method will not last forever but no one knows to say exactly till when they will be around. The question remaining is what changes can be expected in this market, if any?

One such change has already begun claims David.B, the CEO of “Dealafrica”, one of South-Africa’s leading Daily Deals Aggregator websites. According to him, thousands of South-African Internet users have already began “voting with their feet” and instead of subscribing to one or two coupon websites are now subscribing directly to the daily deal aggregator websites themselves. These websites do not sell the products directly but rather collect the deals being offered on all the various daily deal websites, and centralize them in one place thus saving users the time and effort to search for the deals on the separate websites. An additional advantage is the various filtering options that these aggregator websites, thus allowing the users to only view the deals that interest them and even receive a daily email according to their predefined preferences.

As a result of the new trend, numerous aggregator websites have been popping up over the last few months in South-Africa. As of the last count there were 5 or so.

An International point of view: The “new” trend is apparently not so “new” to some parts of the world, with the U.S. leading the way as usual. Various online international websites, such as Techcrunch, Cnbc.com, and cnet.com, have already begun reviewing the subject claiming that the move from coupon websites to the aggregators was expected. One such reporter claimed that: “People are constantly looking for faster and more convenient ways to get things done and daily deal aggregators are definitely one of those ways”.

Show me the money. As with any trend, it is important to keep your eye on the money. For a trend to succeed there has to be a financial motive for the people making it possible. Proof of this trends “worthiness” can be found in the increased interest that the major online players have been showing, including Google and Facebook. Fact is, these players have not only shown an interest but have actually fired the first few shots with Google buying out the deal aggregator website “Dealmap”.

Where this new trend will take us only time will tell.

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Shower Doors To Fit

Shower Doors To Fit

Bathrooms are becoming more modern and with it so are shower doors. There is now a wide range of shower doors to choose from, here is a look at a few.

A pivot door swings on two pins and provides a wide door opening. It can be used on its own in a recess or in conjunction with side or in fill panels to make a variety of shapes.

If you not want the shower door to open into the room then a bi-fold or in-fold door might be the answer.

A hinged or frameless swing door is made of pure glass, they provide a wider opening and are ideal to fit across an alcove or in a corner.

The in swing door is a full size door that swings into the shower enclosure giving maximum access capability.

The sliding door is usually fitted on the larger oblong type shower trays. It gives maximum access space without requiring clearance space within the enclosure or the shower room.

Shower doors can also be frosted to your taste and to match your bathroom.

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Online Group Buying

You know an internet startup idea has become a trend once there’s a site that’s aggregative all of the sites that provide a specific service. 8coupons does just that for the numerous group shopping sites out there now. While Groupon may be the most popular of the group shopping sites, Living Social, and numerous others have created their own group shopping services. Rather than visiting every site each day, alldeals will aggregate all the offers in your city for you.

Online Group Buying 20110405774.7401 Online Group Buying

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Seamless Shower

What is a seamless shower door? When a person walks into a bathroom, with a seamless shower door, it is invisible. A person just notices the beauty of the surroundings of the bathroom.  If it is a small bathroom, this makes it feel more open and not closed in. The beautiful tile floor can be seen with the colors of the walls and décor.

A person can have a seamless shower door made to order. A person just has to state what they are looking for in a design, the size of the bathroom, and the drain system has to be looked at also. A professional contractor can install the new seamless shower door or a person can pick up a do it yourself kit.

Here are a couple examples of how this would work. A person wants a modern, bold style look for their bathroom. There can be real artwork in the bathroom as it’s a nice size room. There can be darker colors mixed in with accents. The shower itself is to just melt into the room. If the room was to be open and airy and not too much of décor, it could be bold showing off the tile and granite to bring out different textures and patterns of the bathroom.

The shower or shower door can be custom made with a design to go with and accent the room. Maybe there are gorgeous tiger lilies that are sand blasted on the shower door or even an oriental look that would have bamboo or even mermaids. The sky is the limit on designs.

With a seamless shower door, there are endless possibilities on how to create an illusional effect. There actually could be a reflection that can be seen off the wall inside the shower itself.

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Shower Door Suppliers in South Africa

If a person is living in South Africa, and needs to replace or buy a new shower door, where can one be found that will match perfectly? Here are three places that can help.

If a home is brand new and has a modern, designer look try Designer Glass and Aluminum at 19 Cruse Cresent, Vintonia, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, 1200, in South Africa. They also specialize in glass shower doors that are for a person’s needs. For example, if a person had a dangerous job, they would provide bullet resistant glass and also shatterproof. A person could choose from a hinged or pivot shower door and choose tempered, toughened, laminated, tinted, or safety glass.

Collosseum Finishing is located at 5th Str, Halfway Gardens, Midrand, GP, 1685 in South Africa.  They can provide you with aluminum or frameless shower doors to suit your needs. Frameless would be great to use in a remodeled bathroom or brand new home for a modern day look.

Sheer Glass is located at 24 Shamone, Nature Street, Sharonlea, Randburg, Gauteng, 2164 in South Africa. They provide higher quality aluminum shower doors with a wide array of choices. With frameless shower doors, a person can create a beautiful designer look that can look stylish and modern to simple and beautiful.

There are many more shower door suppliers to choose from. When using the search engine make sure it is for South Africa to narrow down the part of the country to give better choices.

Remember when shopping in South Africa for shower door suppliers use these tips. Check out the business and see if there are any complaints. See what materials are being used to make the shower doors and framework. Window shop and compare installation and cost of the shower door. A person might actually be able to buy the shower door, and then have someone install it much cheaper.

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